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Limited Edition

Hand Serum Aroma Collection 30g x 3pcs
RM 173.00 RM 88.00

Hand Serum Aroma Collection 30g x 3pcs DESCRIPTION :Formulated with baby-fruit extract, an ingr..

Hokkaido Placenta Sheet Mask
RM 51.00

Hokkaido Placenta Sheet MaskDESCRIPTION :Marin Placenta ®extract, the ingredient taken from the bles..

Lucky Bag 2017
RM 1,334.00

Lucky Bag 2017 DESCRIPTION :VC Lotion  (180ml)/G-Lotion (180ml)/Deep Moisture Lotion (120m..

Rich Lip Serum 7g
RM 88.00

Rich Lip Serum 7g DESCRIPTION :Fragrance-freePale opaque pink (Almost no color adheres to lips)..

RM 51.00

03 .ROSE PLACENTA MASK DESCRIPTION :It’s a face mask focusing on anti-aging skincare. The rich ..

Squalane Body Milk 100g
RM 128.00

Squalane Body Milk 100g DESCRIPTION :Squalane-formulated body milk thoroughly hydrates the whol..

Yuzu & Mikan Hand Treatment 120g
RM 108.00

Yuzu & Mikan Hand Treatment 120g DESCRIPTION :A solution to dry and aging hands, this excep..

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