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SQUA CLEANSING (Makeup Remover) 240ml (Refill)
  • SQUA CLEANSING (Makeup Remover) 240ml (Refill)
  • SQUA CLEANSING (Makeup Remover) 240ml (Refill)

SQUA CLEANSING (Makeup Remover) 240ml (Refill)


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SQUA CLEANSING (Makeup Remover) Refill 240ml (Refill) 


Luxurious makeup remover that cleanses away even stubborn makeup, while maintaining skin´s natural moisture balance. It can be used with wet hands.

240ml (Refill)


Removes make up effectively without damaging the skin’s acid mantle



Squa Cleansing --> Moisturizing --> Protection 

1.      Place the proper amount onto dry hands. 1-2 pushes

2.      Massage into the entire face.

3.      Wash off with cold or lukewarm water.
* Be sure not to leave the hairline and around the jaw unrinsed when rinsing.

For point make-up removal (eyes & lips)

Soak proper amount of Squa Cleansing into the with the cotton pad and wipe out make-up.


Extracted from Hibiscus flowers.  It contains a kind of alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) called pyruvic acid.  It gently removes old skin cells, activating turnover of epidermis.  This extract also has an excellent moisturizing effect.

Extracted from root of a plant, Lithospermum offecinale.  It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.  It helps prevent rough skin, keeping it healthy.

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