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SQUA POWDER WASH (Face-Washing Powder) 80g 
  • SQUA POWDER WASH (Face-Washing Powder) 80g 
  • SQUA POWDER WASH (Face-Washing Powder) 80g 

SQUA POWDER WASH (Face-Washing Powder) 80g 


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03.SQUA POWDER WASH (Face-Washing Powder) 80g 


A face wash for fresh and smooth pores.A face wash for fresh and smooth pores.



This is a superior face-washing powder removes dead skin cells and keeps them from accumulating on the skin surface.  Impurities derived from protein such as old keratose and dirt in the pores are decomposed by the enzyme and washed away by the amino acidic soap.  

Melts into water quickly and creates long-lasting fine lather.  

Being weakly acidic, it works gently and is skin friendly.

Excellent in preventing acne.


Face Washing- SQUA POWDER WASH  --> Moisturizing  --> Protection

Lather meticulously.

1.      Wet the face with cold or lukewarm water. Take 1 dosage (about 1/2 tablespoon) of Squa Powder Wash in the palm of the hand.

2.     Add a small amount of cold or lukewarm water and lather well until the gritty feeling is gone.

3.    For further effectiveness, please use a Mesh Net.

 4.  Cover the face with lather and gently wash the entire face. Do not scrub too hard. There is no need to scrub because the lather of Squa Powder Wash absorbs and removes dirt from the skin. Wash the face gently with lather  Rinse off with cold or lukewarm water. 

5.    Lather mask is also effective.

      Put some lather on the blacked head pimples and wash them after 2-3 minutes, then   the enzyme in Squa Powder Wash can decompose the component of the pimples.

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