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SQUA FACIAL FOAM ORANGE (Face-Washing Foam) 50g
  • SQUA FACIAL FOAM ORANGE (Face-Washing Foam) 50g
  • SQUA FACIAL FOAM ORANGE (Face-Washing Foam) 50g

SQUA FACIAL FOAM ORANGE (Face-Washing Foam) 50g


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04.SQUA FACIAL FOAM (Face-Washing Foam) 50g 


  • A limited edition of HABA’s popular item “Squa Facial Foam”, blended with natural fragrance of orange. You can enjoy comfortable face wash time with sweet and fresh scent of orange.  
  • Voluminous, mild and fine lather absorbs dirt in pores to take them away without rubbing skin.
  • Containing Silk ingredient, it makes skin fine-textured with a velvety afterfeel.
  • The effective ingredients against skin roughness and inflammatory condition skin for a healthy state after wash.


Lathers well, creating rich and creamy lather. It washes without stressing skin.

Mild and fine lather washes away dirt in pores without scrubbing the skin.

Silk Powder in the soap evens out skin texture after washing with a velvety finish.


SQUA FACIAL FOAM --> Moisturizing--> Protection

Wet the face, and take approx. 1-2 cm of Face Foam into the palm of the hand.  Add a small amount of cold or lukewarm water and lather thoroughly.

 1.      Cover the face with abundant lather so that it works gently over the entire face. Do not rub   too hard. Wash gently with lather.

 2.      Rinse off the entire face with running water. Try to rinse longer than normally required for washing the face.

There is no need to scrub because the impurities are absorbed into the lather and then washed away.


  • Take 1-2 cm on palm and make it lathered, adding water or lukewarm water. Wrap face with foam to wash softly, then rinse off.

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