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G-LOTION 180ml (Hydrating Toner)
  • G-LOTION 180ml (Hydrating Toner)
  • G-LOTION 180ml (Hydrating Toner)

G-LOTION 180ml (Hydrating Toner)


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01. G-LOTION (Hydrating Toner)


It contains minerals derived from seaweed and deep-sea water in addition to ”Sasa Kurilensis Water”, minerals from a low striped bamboo obtained from a native forest. It leaves the skin moisturized and supple.

HABA has finally succeeded in developing natural antibacterial ingredient, for which it has been long seeking. It is a natural mineral, “Sasa Kurilensis Water”, which is excellent in antibacterial action and moisturizing power. The seaweed mineral “Algae Colloid” is added to deep-sea water mineral “micromarine”, which has been used for old ones, this means that G-Lotion has been reborn with more rich minerals collected from all aspects of the nature.



With a synergy effect of hyaluronic acid which has a capacity of retaining water of 6,000 times as much as its specific gravity and mucopolysaccharide such as chondroitin, it enhances the skin’s capacity of retaining moisture.

With both mineral rich “Micromarine” (marine salt) and “ALGAE Colloid” (algae extract), it fights off free radicals, leaves cellular growth and skin turnover smooth and thereby helps the skin activate.

 Its constituent ingredient, hyaluronic acid, keeps the skin moisturized. It does so by replenishing bio-ingredient for which the skin can retain moisture in the tissue of the skin.




The 3 basic steps when using G-Lotion :

STEP 1: Face Washing  


STEP 3: Protection


Point: Apply G-Lotion abundantly and pat into the skin.


1.After washing face, take approx.

 *Adjust the amount depending on the dryness of the skin

2.Apply patting lightly to the skin with both hands.

 *Do not apply plenty of lotion at a time but repeat this several times depending on the state of dryness of your skin. (until it stop absorbing lotion to leave its drops).

3. An intensive moisturizing care without fuss.

    Soak G-Lotion into a cotton pad and place on the dry area. Leaving the pack for 5-10  minutes will be effective care.

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