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VC LOTION II (Healing toner) 180ml 
  • VC LOTION II (Healing toner) 180ml 
  • VC LOTION II (Healing toner) 180ml 

VC LOTION II (Healing toner) 180ml 


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02. VC LOTION II (Healing toner) 180ml 


This gentle yet effective quasi-drug whitening lotion with Vitamin C derivative, quickly penetrates and moisturizes skin, leaving a firmer and sheerer texture. With water soluble Vitamin C derivatives to keep blemishes at bay, making skin clear and transluscent




  • Provides deeper and longer-lasting moisture. Nano-sized capsules of ceramide, called Ceramide Nanosomepenetrate deep into skin (stratum corneum) and enhance its moisture and transparency.
  • Protects skin from sun damage with 2% Vitamin C derivative and “Melano-Block Mixture”. Vitamin C derivative and “Melano-Block Mixture” (HABA’s original whitening agents) works synergistically to inhibit melanin formation and protect skin from dry air, leading to brighter and flawless skin.
  • The toner quickly permeates into skin and provides moisture. The more moisturized the skin is, the more resistant it will be against the external environment.
  • Enhances skin turnover effectively by replenishing essential minerals. The skin will come alive with a healthy radiance.


Take a proper amount on to the palm and pat lightly on the face by using both hands. Not applying ample amount at once but pat lightly for several times depending on the skin dryness. (Repeat patting several times until the skin gets cold.)

For dry skin, we recommend a toner mask. Soak VC LOTION into cotton pads or point pack sheets and place them over dry areas. Leave them for about 5 minutes. Take them off before they dry.

Use after cleansing or after applying White Lady Serum.

STEP 1 - Cleansing

STEP 2 - White Lady

STEP 3 - VC Lotion II

STEP 4 - Squalane

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