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SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 15ml
  • SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 15ml
  • SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 15ml

SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 15ml


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01.SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 15ML


Beauty oil that helps the skin form its natural skin oil to protect from UV rays while moisturizing the skin. It attracts moisture from a lotion, and draws it deep into the skin cells. It also softens the skin. High purity of 99.9%.

Squalane is an ingredient of natural skin oil in your skin, and functions as a protector for moisture which keeps the skin youthful and beautiful. Unfortunately, bodies produce less as we age. Squalane assures you that there is no fear of oxidation.




This 99.9% pure exquisite moisturizer absorb nutrients from other products leaving skin luxuriously soft and supple.


The 3 basic steps when using Squalane :

STEP 1:Face Washing

STEP 2: Moisturizing --- before the skin lotion dries 


 Point: How to use: Start with one drop.

 1.      Take a small amount in the palm of your hand while the skin is still wet with  lotion. 

2.      Lightly apply to the palms of both hands. Spread lightly over face.

3.      Use the entire surface of your hands and apply well by spreading evenly over the entire face

Hair care : For moisturized and glossy hair, apply the proper amount after shampooing.

Body care : For velvety smooth skin, rub the proper amount over elbows, knees, heels

For after shaving care : It refreshes the skin after shaving and keeps the skin healthy.


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