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  • SQUALANE CONDITIONER (with platinum) LAVENDER 500ml
  • SQUALANE CONDITIONER (with platinum) LAVENDER 500ml



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The Importance of Shampoo

Do not you think it ´s only one shampoo to remove the dirt of the hair? In fact, the hair of dirt you can drop about 80% in the original wash by hot water. "those that do not Otose quite the hot water" it, extra sebum of strong styling and scalp, is packed pores clogging. That is a large part of the role of shampoo will say that that the pores of dirt firmly removed to keep the scalp clean .

Cleaning Ingredient of Shampoo

One is to remove the dirt in the petroleum-based surfactant, it has been commonly referred to as synthetic shampoo. Another is, remove the dirt with soap is not used components of petroleum-based soap shampoo. Synthetic shampoo, which is the aroma and low price may be foaming, and excessively take until necessity sebum for detergency strong, scalp of umbrella with and dandruff, it may cause excessive secretion of sebum. Soap shampoo, has been used the soap base of plant origin, such as palm oil, since moderate dirt of the scalp in detergency Araiageru leaving the moisture while dropping neatly, does not impose a burden on the scalp. However, it felt like "it became stiff!" "Squeaky", it is also the fact that people shy away often.

A Good Soap Shampoo

General soap shampoo might come out specific squeaky when you wash, probably many people feel and unwieldy. However, kindness to the hair and scalp are the things that is hard to throw away attractive. Soap shampoo, it is possible to continue to use, and then you have become accustomed to the feeling of use, the scalp also healthy state. By doing so, you will be able to keep the beautiful hair with Hari Kosi.

Shampoo for The Whole Family

Soap shampoo early bubbles out, cleaning component if Susuge with hot water will disappear, does not remain in the hair and scalp. Since the stimulus is small, you can use the whole family from the direction of the delicate skin small children, to the elderly. Recommended for men excess sebum and pore clogging of the scalp is a concern. In addition, waste water after use, is said to be changing naturally be broken down in just a few days, it is also attractive that it not applied the burden on the natural environment.

How to Choose The Right Shampoo

Refreshing and was washing up the popular soap shampoo - but, recently entered moisturizing ingredients, including squalane, even without using a conditioner, and has increased even of goods relatively moist wash up. Since the bubbling and there is a difference in finger street, well observed their hair quality and scalp, it is important to choose the goods had to state. Use the perfect soap shampoo to myself, let´s foster healthy hair from the scalp!

How to Shampoo & Condition Your Hair

Ease of washing with shampoo before the person effort goes up dramatically. By all means, but please try!

Rinse the shampoo thoroughly. Rinse the hair thoroughly taking sufficient time to remove all cleansing ingredients from the hair or cuticles. Use the rinse or treatment with which you feelmost comfortable.


Because soap is gentle to the hair and skin, HABA has always been very particular about using it as a cleansing agent in their shampoos.  Unlike petrochemical surfactants that can linger on the skin and cause itching and allergic reactions, its powerfully cleansing lather rinses off quickly and is harmless to the environment and good for those who have thinning hair as well, yet another important consideration for HABA.

The natural palm oil-based soap, moisturizing Squalane and Platinum in this shampoo enhances the hair’s natural gloss and suppleness keeping the hair and scalp healthy.

The main ingredient, palm-based soap has a natural cleansing power to keep healthy hair and a scalp.  Anti-oxidizing Platinum and moisturizing Squalane create bouncy and beautiful hair.

 Gentle to hair and a scalp.  Lathers well and cleanses unnecessary sebum and dirt clogged in pores.

Easy for those using soap-based shampoos for the first time.  Leaves a smooth feeling after using.

Squalane supplies moisture to the scalp, which tends to lose moisture quickly when shampooing. It also activates the scalp’s turnover.

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