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WHITE KNIGHT (Oil Control Gel) 10g
  • WHITE KNIGHT (Oil Control Gel) 10g
  • WHITE KNIGHT (Oil Control Gel) 10g
  • WHITE KNIGHT (Oil Control Gel) 10g

WHITE KNIGHT (Oil Control Gel) 10g


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08.WHITE KNIGHT (Oil Control Gel) 10g 


All day oil control cream which penetrates deep into the pores. Reduces pore size with a blemished free skin to reveal a brighter and more radiant you. 


Formulated with as many as active ingredients 10% of  Oil-soluble Vitamin C derivative, Vitamin A oil, Natural Vitamin E, or Tea Grass Oil, a multiplier effect is expected.

Vitamin Anormalizes the skin and mucous membrane, cures wrinkles, soothes the skin.

Vitamin C  whitening effect, cures spots or wrinkles, improves pimples and oily skin.

Vitamin Eantioxidant, prevents oxidation or spoilage of pores.

Tear grass oilpimple prevention, skin irritation reliever, promotes skin waste secretion.

The amount of Oil-soluble vitamin C penetration is  three times more than that of water-solublevitamin C. It penetrates deeper especially through the pores to reach the dermis. That means it prevails from keratin layer to the dermis to leave its effects deeply and widely. By reaching deep inside, it tunes and improves the skin fundamentally.

Compounded with much more vitamin C which tightens pores, controls sebum secretion or works on collagen or elastin than other products which contains water-soluble vitamin C,  its benefits is heightened.

Despite its oil-soluble nature, it leaves and keeps the skin fresh feeling. White Knight tightens pores and controls sebum secretion to prevent makeup comes off, even breakouts result from excessive

It covers unevenness of the skin invisible to make it look clear and well fabricated.


Penetrating from the pores to deep inside the skin, restrains excessive sebum secretion from the pores while tightening pores. So the skin will not become oily to prevent make-up coming off a whole day.


Apply to the skin that is given plenty of moisture.

STEP1 Cleansing / Face Washing

↓ ←UV White Lotion or White Lady

STEP2 Moisture

↓ ←Special cares

STEP Protection

“White Knight”  

After providing enough moisture to the skin by basic 3 steps, apply this in the end. (Sunscreen be applied over these processes.) Squeeze a pea-sized drop (a sphere of about φ 5mm) of onto your fingertip, spread thinly over the face.

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