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 A powdery foundation for ageing care.

  • Rich in serum ingredients, the smooth powder adheres to the skin as if it were softly melting into it. Just a single application conceals dark spots and wrinkles, moisturizing and firming up the skin for a youthful look.
  • Chameleon pearls help improve a dull complexion, creating a three-dimensional look enhanced by natural radiant luster in the skin from the inside.
  • Keeps the skin moisturized and prevents makeup from coming off due to excessive sebum, providing a beautiful fresh look all day long.


     Soft, melting powder

    Smooth powder softly melts and adheres to the skin.

    Formula contains whipped solidified serum to provide a liquid foundation-like finish.


    Chameleon pearls

    Formulated with freshly glowing chameleon pearls that change color to suit an individual’s own skin.

    Conceals dullness and reveals skin’s clarity and radiance from the inside.


    The magnetic effect helps the powder adhere to the skin.

    This powder, formulated with the positively-charged moisturizing ingredient, Hyaluroveil®, is drawn like a magnet to the skin’s natural negative-charge, making the powder adhere firmly. A moisturizing veil covers the skin to provide a soft touch while helping to prevent makeup from coming off.


    The makeup lasts beautifully without looking dull in the evening

    A new powder from which impurities have been thoroughly removed. It remains transparent even when combined with oil.

    This foundation will not become dull in the evening, when perspiration or sebum tend to form. The beautiful finish lasts for a longer period, appearing just like it did when applied in the morning.


    Creates beautiful features by enhancing the facial contour with a three-dimensional effect.

    Provides a three-dimensional, firm appearance by creating gradations, starting with bright and transparent color in the center of the face, adding more shade toward the outer areas. Defines a beautiful facial contour.


    Sebum catching ingredient prevents shine and makeup fade

    The uneven surface of bead particles of the spherical porous powder has been smoothed out. This helps the powder to adsorb and dry excessive perspiration and sebum, preventing makeup from coming off.


    Ageing care with luxurious serum ingredients

    (1)Hybrid rose (Rosa hybrid flower extract)

    Extract from the edible rose of Shimane Prefecture is rich in beauty ingredients. The flowers of this gorgeous hybrid rose are two to three times bigger than a typical rose. Anti-glycation and antioxidant actions, and moisturizing effect can be expected from the extract of this rose.

    (2)White strawberry (Fragaria Chiloensis fruit juice)

    Extract of the white strawberry called Hatsukoi-no-Kaori (the Fragrance of First Love) grown in Ibaraki Prefecture.

    White to light-pink colored strawberries, with excellent anti-aging and antioxidant actions, are very pretty and feminine.

    (3)Sake lees from Fushimi-ku, Kyoto (sake lees extract)

    Extract of sake lees of mild sake brewed in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto.

    Contains rice malt fermented glucosylceramide, which has exceptional moisture-retention propereties.

    HOW TO USE :


    Take an appropriate amount on the dedicated sponge and apply from the center of the face outward, pressing it gently against the skin.

    *Application tip: Start the application over the wide areas such as the cheeks and forehead first. Then spread the foundation over the narrower areas around the mouth and eyes.


    <How to replace the empty metal pan in the Mineral Essence Powdery Foundation Case>

    (1)     Poke a pin through the tiny hole in the back of the Mineral Essence Powdery Foundation Case and apply pressure to push the empty metal pan up and remove it from the case.

    (2)     Open the lid of the blister case and remove the Mineral Essence Powdery Foundation refill by holding the notches on either side of the metal pan with your thumb and middle finger.

    Remove the sheet from the bottom of the metal pan, and insert it into the case.

     (3)     Do not discard the clear sealer. Instead, place it over the Mineral Essence Powdery Foundation.

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