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UV Cut Milk 50 (SPF 50/ PA++++) 30ml 
  • UV Cut Milk 50 (SPF 50/ PA++++) 30ml 
  • UV Cut Milk 50 (SPF 50/ PA++++) 30ml 

UV Cut Milk 50 (SPF 50/ PA++++) 30ml 


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UV Cut Milk 50 (SPF 50+ PA++++) 30ml 

This water-resistant sunblock contains Squalane and Citrulline for moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects while protecting you from sun exposure. SPF 50/PA++++. 30g 


  • “UV Cut Milk”, well-received every year, has now been re-released with an enhanced function as PA++++, the highest sunscreen level at HABA.
  • Liquid type smoothes out easily to blend with skin well, having a fresh and light texture. The formula is resistant to sweat and water and cuts UV rays for long hours, which is suitable for midsummer outgoing or sports.
  • Containing beauty ingredients such as Citrulline and Chimaphila Umbellata Leaf Extract, it cuts UV rays without burdening skin while preventing skin from getting dried.
  •  Makes skin look beautiful and smooth by the soft focus effect of diffusing light reflection.


  • Repeat applications over areas of sunburn
  •  At the end of skincare routine, shake well and take approximately a one-yen coin size amount (for a single use) in the palms of the hands. Apply several dots on five places: Forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin. Spread over the entire face.


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