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Hand Serum Aroma Collection 30g x 3pcs
  • Hand Serum Aroma Collection 30g x 3pcs
  • Hand Serum Aroma Collection 30g x 3pcs

Hand Serum Aroma Collection 30g x 3pcs


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Hand Serum Aroma Collection 30g x 3pcs 


  • Formulated with baby-fruit extract, an ingredient to make your skin beautiful. For resilient, lustrous, and youthful-looking hands.
  • This easy-to-carry set includes three types of hand serum to keep your skin smooth and enveloped in a natural aroma fragrance.
  • Formulated with Hyalorepair?, squalane, and shea butter to prevent skin from becoming rough and dry.
  • A choice of three natural aroma fragrances to suit your mood. 


  • Baby-fruit extract 
Contains the extract of four different early-picked and not-fully ripe, highly nutritious fruits rich in polyphenol and polysaccharide. 
Antioxidation, whitening, and antiaging effects will make your skin appear more beautiful.
All fruit has been carefully selected from major crop producing areas of Japan: 
Apples from Aomori; peaches from Yamanashi; tangerines from Ehime, and shequasar (or Hirami lemon) from Okinawa.
  • Hyalorepair®
This repairing-type hyaluronic acid has a high moisture-retaining property and restores the skin´s barrier function. 
Excellent moisture-retaining effect and improved barrier function can be expected.
  • Shea butter
This rich moisturizing ingredient luxuriously hydrates the entire body. Effortlessly absorbs into the skin to replenish moisture. 
Its non-drying oil will not easily evaporate, locking moisture in the skin to protect against dry conditions. 



  1. Add an extra amount for persistently dry skin. 
  2. Take a sufficient amount on the hands or fingertips and gently apply.

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