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Hokkaido Placenta Sheet Mask
  • Hokkaido Placenta Sheet Mask
  • Hokkaido Placenta Sheet Mask

Hokkaido Placenta Sheet Mask


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Hokkaido Placenta Sheet Mask


  • Marin Placenta ®extract, the ingredient taken from the blessings from Hokkaido nature, gives moisture to damaged skin by dryness and UV rays instantly, while making skin plump and firm. 
  •  A luxurious mask (stretch-type), focusing on aging-care, released in celebration of HABA’s 30th anniversary. It contains thick and enriched beauty serum, 23ml per pouch.
  • Due to Vitamin C derivative and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it restores skin damaged by UV rays to be a skin with elasticity.
  • This mask has a gorgeous and high-functional image with two main appeals of “whitening” and “placenta”, suitable in late summer when skin is tired and damaged.



After face-wash or cleansing, take out the mask from a bag. Put it on eye areas first and press it with hands, stretching the mask over your face fully. Adhere it onto face to make sure no air between mask and face coming in. Leave it for 10 to 15 mins and take it off. Smooth out the beauty serum with palms, still remained on face. 


 Marin Placenta” is a registered trademark of Nippon Barrier Free Co., Ltd. and any writings of this name/mark in Japanese and in English are supposed to be accompanied with ® mark, always. 

It includes the writing in leaflet, DM, website, Ad. in any media. 
This is a strict instruction given by Nippon Barrier Free Co., Ltd., so please follow the rule.
When you want to use the effect evidence data of Marin Placenta (from HABA Japan’s documents, Newsletters or any sources), please contact HABA Japan first, who is the one to inquire of Nippon Barrier Free Co., Ltd. for their official approval of the data usage.
This application is compulsory from any countries.

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