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Rich Lip Serum 7g
  • Rich Lip Serum 7g
  • Rich Lip Serum 7g

Rich Lip Serum 7g


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Rich Lip Serum 7g 


  • Fragrance-free
  • Pale opaque pink (Almost no color adheres to lips)
  • Comes with package insert in OPP bag


  • This lip serum´s rich gel oil absorbs effortlessly into plump lips. 
  • Ageing care ingredients extracted from two different types of roses treat lip´s dry conditions and vertical lines. 



 Gently apply an appropriate amount over the lips. Can be used under lipstick or lip gloss.


● Rose placenta extract

This botanical placenta extract is derived from the extremely rare damask rose. 

Placenta is rich in nutrients, such as amino acids and vitamins. The true source of life of roses, it promotes the growth and germination of seeds. 

It helps with skin turnover, which deteriorates with age, by activating skin cells to stimulate metabolism. 

● Rose callus extract (rose stem cell extract)

This extract is derived from stem cells of the damask rose grown in Bulgaria. 

It is recognized to be effective in moisture retention as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.

● Glycyrrhetinic acid (licorice-derived ingredient) 

This ingredient is extracted from licorice root and known as an ingredient used in Chinese medicine. 

It is often used for combatting inflammation and allergies as well as for preventing skin roughness, 

and is also known to be excellent for moisture retention and detoxification. 

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